Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blue Flowers

I decided that for this post I would make more of an effort for you girls and wear an actual dress as its seems a lifetime ago since I wore one!

I wore Zara ankle boots, black tights, Misselfridge velvet dress, my next fluffy jumper from my previous post and Zara kaki coat.

I do not wear this dress or in fact any very often as Southampton is so ridiculously windy and you spend all day holding it down or accidentally showing you knickers to random people on the street. Another reason is that I have recently decided that the dresses I own are simply too short on me... and although many people see these long legs as a blessing I see them as a curse when it comes to clothing them.

But enough complaining, I have finally put a post up!

So on that positive note I will love you and leave you. Till next time!

Love Hannah

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