Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Good Old England

Hello you! Long time no see! I'm afraid the Christmas holidays gobbled me up and would not allow me to return until fellow blogger Hannah dragged me out of my soft, warm Pyjamas and shoved me out the front door to get some much needed fresh air.

So here is my attempt to get back into the real world, and yes my face says it all... not very amused!
However, I am finally getting my ass back into gear as they say and slowly slowly I will get back to blogging more and making an effort to get dressed!

I wore my new boots from my Mum, Zara summer jeans, black fluffy Next jumper, Black Primark Snood, my coat and handbag (the old faithfuls).

So there you go! I am back and here to stay (good news I hope!).
I hope all of you have had a brilliant Christmas and that this year is good to you all!

Love Hannah