Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Girl

My title is "good girl" because i've been good and posted another post! I know i'm spoiling you now...

Today I nicked my boyfriend's Canon camera so me and my friend, and blogger Hannah ( got excited and decided to take pictures for our blogs!

After two tedious hours at Uni, we popped along to the public library, not to read or study but to stand outside posing like idiots!

This is my look for today:

I wore a navy, aztec print jumper from Next, along with a navy skater skirt from Primark (£6), some black tights, some green socks from New Look, my very much loved Timberlands and my old, faithful black leather jacket from New Yorkers. Oh and a grey scarf from a shop I can't remember.

Today I learnt a very valuable lesson: Always keep your light on in your bathroom when in Halls, in England. I had a lovely visit this afternoon by a little someone: Warning the next photo may put you off you dinner.

Thankfully I ate before he arrived, bangers and mash for me, Yum!

Anyways I have to go and get ready for tonight, if you are really good, and more like; if I remember to, I'll even post my outfit for tonight!

Have a great night everyone,

Love Hannah

Friday, November 23, 2012

Yes, i'm alive!

I have to excuse myself for not posting, i have had four essays on the go and have had no time at all to concentrate on other things!

This is my forth look! I hope you like it. It has gotten much colder since my last post so big jackets have now become part of my looks.

I wore, secondhand boots, H and M tights, a leopard print dress from a boutique in Bali, a short sheep skin jacket fro TOBI, a forever21 cream scarf, a Promod mink sheepskin bag and a Calvin Klein Parka jacket.

I went to Costa today and finally found the perfect coffee for me, seen as i have only ever drank spanish coffee and only one called a 'Cortado' so finding a replacement was hard but thanks to some good advice the Machiatto is the one for me!

England has become home for me at last! I actually cant wait to wake up to a winter wonderland in a few months.

Done most of my Christmas shopping already, if you are stuck is a brilliant site with very original gifts.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Hannah