Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Girl with Three Colours in her Hair

Hello Ladies, I hope you are doing very well! As I have promised I am back and thanks to fellow blogger friends Hannah and Amy am able to post weekly!

I chose this title as I currently have three colours in my hair (even one is not intentional as it is my roots coming through!).

Anyways, here is what I am currently wearing in sunny Southampton:

 This is a closer look of my new winter Tote bag from Tk Maxx as in the previous blog it wasn't very clear

I am wearing; New Look shoes (reduced to £7 in the sales), black tights, Ebay Skort from china (a mimic of the Zara ones but a quarter of the price), Primark tank top and my new Misselfridge leather jacket.

These are the first photos I have put up without any filters as I love the sunlight effect and the colour of these already!

Anyways I have to carry on working on Uni stuff now, not that I really want to but still... Wish me luck! Haha

I hope you have a lovely day and have had a beautiful weekend!

Love Hannah

Friday, November 1, 2013

Earth Calling Hannah!

Hello Ladies, Once again I have let absence take control of this blog and have abandoned it for a while...
It is however, because of University and actually since I have been back in the UK things have been very busy for me!

During the last month I have been doing some hair modelling in London. I now have a heavy front fringe (which I am growing out as I have not patience when it comes to these things) and a large, what used to be dark rose but has changed orange due to an over all colour wash thing for my hair to be blonder as they gave me a cream overall colour.

So here is a picture of when I could be bothered with my fringe:

I Have finally had the time to take some pictures wearing some new clothes!

 I was wearing Black Primark pumps,, black tights, a Navy Zara net dress with a black plain body-con from H&M, A Stradivarious necklace, black Tk Max Bag and Black Misselfridge coat. 

I know it is a very dark outfit but winter unfortunately has now arrived!

The colour on this picture has gone very strange, I tried to edit it twice but something strange happened, I apologise for that!

Anyways I am off now to search for an inspiring fashion shoot to help me finally chose a theme for a final project I have to do for Uni.

Wish me Luck!
(any ideas you have feel free to write them below!)

Take care my Lovelies!

Love Hannah