Monday, December 9, 2013

Black and white

Hello you!
Here you have my outfit from three days ago, I have just had time to upload them so enjoy!

I Wore my black Misselfridge coat, White top from Next, Primark Snood, Black leather skirt, black tights and Primark shoes.

Anyways I am off to finish my styling project for uni! I hope you are not stressing like I am and organised your time well haha...

Love Hannah

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hello Ladies, Here you have my outfit from last week!
I decided to just let my fringe do what it wanted so yeah, it looks a bit strange and wild but I just let it do its thing.

I wore my Ebay shoes, black tights, Misselfridge skirt, a plain Mango top, my Primark necklace and my Misselfridge leather jacket.

I am off to bed now as I am shattered from helping fellow Blogger Hannah from Dimples Diaries...

Good night!

Love Hannah

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Girl with Three Colours in her Hair

Hello Ladies, I hope you are doing very well! As I have promised I am back and thanks to fellow blogger friends Hannah and Amy am able to post weekly!

I chose this title as I currently have three colours in my hair (even one is not intentional as it is my roots coming through!).

Anyways, here is what I am currently wearing in sunny Southampton:

 This is a closer look of my new winter Tote bag from Tk Maxx as in the previous blog it wasn't very clear

I am wearing; New Look shoes (reduced to £7 in the sales), black tights, Ebay Skort from china (a mimic of the Zara ones but a quarter of the price), Primark tank top and my new Misselfridge leather jacket.

These are the first photos I have put up without any filters as I love the sunlight effect and the colour of these already!

Anyways I have to carry on working on Uni stuff now, not that I really want to but still... Wish me luck! Haha

I hope you have a lovely day and have had a beautiful weekend!

Love Hannah

Friday, November 1, 2013

Earth Calling Hannah!

Hello Ladies, Once again I have let absence take control of this blog and have abandoned it for a while...
It is however, because of University and actually since I have been back in the UK things have been very busy for me!

During the last month I have been doing some hair modelling in London. I now have a heavy front fringe (which I am growing out as I have not patience when it comes to these things) and a large, what used to be dark rose but has changed orange due to an over all colour wash thing for my hair to be blonder as they gave me a cream overall colour.

So here is a picture of when I could be bothered with my fringe:

I Have finally had the time to take some pictures wearing some new clothes!

 I was wearing Black Primark pumps,, black tights, a Navy Zara net dress with a black plain body-con from H&M, A Stradivarious necklace, black Tk Max Bag and Black Misselfridge coat. 

I know it is a very dark outfit but winter unfortunately has now arrived!

The colour on this picture has gone very strange, I tried to edit it twice but something strange happened, I apologise for that!

Anyways I am off now to search for an inspiring fashion shoot to help me finally chose a theme for a final project I have to do for Uni.

Wish me Luck!
(any ideas you have feel free to write them below!)

Take care my Lovelies!

Love Hannah

Friday, September 6, 2013

Simplicity is Key

Hello Ladies, I know I have abandoned you for far too long now and I must apologise but the main reason for this is that work has been very hard and time consuming.

I am now back in Southampton searching for another job; life is unfair sometimes isn't it?
However I have now managed to move in to my new flat which is gorgeous and modern!
I will have to put up some Photos to show you all and make you a little bit jealous.

These pictures were taken back in spain in the lovely sunny, hot weather one day we went in to the one and only city on the island of Mallorca; Palma.

I decided to go for a plain white t-shirt to show off my tan which is now fading due to a lack of sunlight...

I wore, a white t-shirt from HandM, Zara Jeans, River Island mint bag and nude Primark sandals.

I hope you have all enjoyed the Summer and are ready for the cold months ahead of us, I know I most definitely am not! But what I am ready for is layering up and my new leopard print boots!!

Anyways, I am off now to do some more job searching!

Love Hannah

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hello Girlies! I know a blog post is long overdue and I apologise but the reason is that I had to move out of Halls, which meant carrying way to big boxes to my boyfriend's house which seems just down the road when I am only carrying my handbag but felt like he lived in China while carrying a mop, two pillow shoved under my arm (which due to their log hot pink hair kept slidding down) and a huge box of clothes. 

I bet many of you have had to do the same this past month or have in the past so yes I am looking ofr a little bit of sympathy hahaha.

Anyways I have come Home which is the island of Mallorca! I live ten minutes away from Magaluf (or Shagaluf) but have not been this year yet as this whole week I have been searching for a job, which means dressing up smart... Hence my smart outfit I have here to share with you:

 These pictures were taken on my terrace and by fellow blogger Hannah who has come over to live with me for a month. We have both recently found a job as waitresses in different restaurants. Mine is a Spanish restaurant with 200 tables so the work is very full on, especially seen as I have never done this before, I have to use a tray to serve drinks and that; which is not the best idea seen as I am the clumsiest person alive!

In the background my God send of a pool as we have no air conditioning in the house due to that fact that my sister gets ill... so I have to suffer too. In August when even the nights are sweaty the only solution is to jump in the pool, let it be before bed or 5 in the morning when its just too hot to sleep any longer!

I wore a nude peplum cap sleeve top form a small shop in Cheltenham, Zara mint jeans and Zara nude Mid Heels.

I have decided that this summer I am going to try wear heels more often as I am terrible at walking in any kind of them... The main reason is the fact that I am very tall and especially in Spain as the average hight of a man is less then mine... 

So I decided to treat myself to two pairs; this one for day time and casual nights, and her twin sister in black for night time and dressier occasions. I chose these as they are the only heels I have found which are not 10 inches tall! Plus they have a nice chancy heel and good strap around the ankle for support.

I actually had to order this pair online as they had gone so quickly in the shops! I strongly recommend everyone get a pair!

Well I'm off for some mummy time now as my mum claims she will never see me this summer as I go into work as she leaves hers. I hope you all have a lovely day and weekend!

Oh and start tipping in restaurants hahahaha... I know I will now! It means the world!

Love Hannah

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hello Lovelies! I know it has once again taken me a while to put up another post but this time it was sue to some technical problems and a lot of uni work. However, I am about to give in my final project!!! it was an article i wrote about the pastel trend. If I remember to I will put up some pictures of it and you can tell me what you think!

This was taken about a week ago now when we actually saw some of the rays from what we call The Sun. we decided to take some pictures among the daisies, it was lovely!

I decided to give my pale blue bag a rest for the day and used my much loved brown leather bag!

Just a random picture of the side detail of my top :)

I wore, my "black" high waisted Kristen jeans from Topshop (2 years ago), a Vintage surfer top (which is actually a size L so I wear it tucked in), my River Island Sunglasses, and my black converse (of course) 

I will leave you know as I have to hand in my research folder and A3 copies of the article. And I am off to have a Whopper in Burger King to celebrate! hahah very classy I know...

Have a Brilliant Day!

Love Hannah

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Its me again! I know these pictures are not very impressive background-wise but it was raining at the time so its better then a soggy picture!

Yesterday I wore, my black Converse, mint Zara jeans, black and white shirt and my black leather jacket.

I have been a busy little bee these last two weeks as I have two essays to hand in very soon, one is about classical Hollywood's impact on fashion in the 1950s. Its very interesting but, wow, its harder then I expected...

These photographs were not taken by the usual photographer; fellow blogger Dimplesdiaries. Instead I forced my boyfriend to snap a few quick shots before we dashed out to Asda for food! I think he has done a pretty good job actually!

Good Morning, and have a great day!

Love Hannah

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Red and blue

Hello Ladies! I know this post is long overdue, I apologise but I recently came back for the cave that I call home in Spain so I was deprived from the internet world even though my mum did promise she would fix it while I was away...

So I died my hair over easter, its semi-permanent so its slowly fading out already, if you think its bright now you should have seen it three weeks ago! I was glowing! 

Anyways, I promise not to abandon you again as I hame home now and back with my photographer and best friend Hannah!

Here are some pictures of what I wore and am currently wearing today:

I am wearing my black converse, tights, Primark navy skirt, my mum's shirt from I don't know where, a Promod jacket and Juicy Couture earrings.

So now you know, I am officially ginger but I don't see it as a bad thing, In fact I love it!

I have to go now girlies as I have a load of Uni work to do :( Really not looking forward to it but it must be done...

Have a Brilliant day everyone!
Please don't feel abandoned as I am back again :P

Love Hannah

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Paris: Day Five

Final day in Paris, I can't believe it, it has gone so fast! I have officially fallen in love with this city! Today we went to the Basilique du Sacre coeur, which is a gorgeous white orthodox church on top of a hill, showing all of Paris below.

The weather today, even though you can't really tell in the pictures was crazy hot! The sun was out and everyone was outside enjoying the rays of golden light.

Today I wore a Zara bat-winged turtle neck, Primark cream trousers, My leather jacket and my converse.

I will be very sad to leave this wonderful city tomorrow as I have enjoyed every single corner of it. The people, the language, and especially the cheese!! In fact I just had a plate of it for dessert with a lovely glass of red wine to compliment the strong taste of the roquefort. 

Tomorrow we get the Eurostar back to London and up to Southampton, and really, I don't want to go back!

I hope all of you have enjoyed today as its a Saturday and have a great weekend!

Love Hannah

Friday, March 8, 2013

Paris: Day Four

Today we over slept, so the day started a little bit later then planned, but oh well! We are on holiday, so we left the house and waited two hours to go and see the Dali exhibition at the Pompidou. I was a little bit out of it cause I had taken a tablet and it had made me really tired so Dali's paintings looked even stranger an surreal then normal. However, I would go see it again and again and... you get the point.

We also tackled the Louvre for the second time, finishing the museum and taking our blog photos inside the greek garden in the centre on the massive building.

I wore, my Vintage black hat, my Calvin Klein jumper, my famous leather jacket, my comfortable Topshop jeans and my white (actually not so white anymore) converse.

Me and fellow blogger Hannah are off to a Jazz club now so I must get ready!

I hope you have all had a brilliant day!

Love Hannah

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Paris: Day Three

Today we went to see the Moulin Rouge! It wasn't as big and brilliant as I thought but I suppose it was during the day :)

We also went for a glass of wine in a lovely little french bar. We sat outside chatting for ages and laughing at silly stories!

I wore a Primark dress that was only £7, my Primark tights, my leather jacket and my white converse.

Well ladies and Gentlemen, this post is very brief as I am shattered and off to bed as we have a very early start tomorrow!

Have a great day tomorrow

Love Hannah