Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Girl

My title is "good girl" because i've been good and posted another post! I know i'm spoiling you now...

Today I nicked my boyfriend's Canon camera so me and my friend, and blogger Hannah ( got excited and decided to take pictures for our blogs!

After two tedious hours at Uni, we popped along to the public library, not to read or study but to stand outside posing like idiots!

This is my look for today:

I wore a navy, aztec print jumper from Next, along with a navy skater skirt from Primark (£6), some black tights, some green socks from New Look, my very much loved Timberlands and my old, faithful black leather jacket from New Yorkers. Oh and a grey scarf from a shop I can't remember.

Today I learnt a very valuable lesson: Always keep your light on in your bathroom when in Halls, in England. I had a lovely visit this afternoon by a little someone: Warning the next photo may put you off you dinner.

Thankfully I ate before he arrived, bangers and mash for me, Yum!

Anyways I have to go and get ready for tonight, if you are really good, and more like; if I remember to, I'll even post my outfit for tonight!

Have a great night everyone,

Love Hannah

Friday, November 23, 2012

Yes, i'm alive!

I have to excuse myself for not posting, i have had four essays on the go and have had no time at all to concentrate on other things!

This is my forth look! I hope you like it. It has gotten much colder since my last post so big jackets have now become part of my looks.

I wore, secondhand boots, H and M tights, a leopard print dress from a boutique in Bali, a short sheep skin jacket fro TOBI, a forever21 cream scarf, a Promod mink sheepskin bag and a Calvin Klein Parka jacket.

I went to Costa today and finally found the perfect coffee for me, seen as i have only ever drank spanish coffee and only one called a 'Cortado' so finding a replacement was hard but thanks to some good advice the Machiatto is the one for me!

England has become home for me at last! I actually cant wait to wake up to a winter wonderland in a few months.

Done most of my Christmas shopping already, if you are stuck is a brilliant site with very original gifts.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Hannah

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Third Look

Today I went to Uni and when I got there the park was full of students, so I asked my friend if she knew why, (mainly because I could'nt really see myself as I had my contacts in my pocket seen as I was in a rush as I was very late this morning) and she said it must be a fair, but it turned out to be only a fire alarm with no fire, so it wasn't as exciting as it looked because 10 minutes after we were are crowding into the main building.

This was yesterdays look, i went for a simple girly look.

 I wore topshop high-waisted black jeans, my next shoes, a 9 pounds Primark bag, a black leotard, also from Primark and my dusty pink lace top from Zara.

A pop up shop opened today, run and set up by students from my university so it has becomes one of our assignments to go and interview the designers. It has creative furniture, clothes, amazing art, vintage furniture and newspaper photo frames! It looks really nice except for the fact that its a bit empty but still it was fun to go around.

I had lunch today in a chain restaurant Bella Italia, it was really great food for a good price :)

Anyways i'm going to plan my outfit for tonight, i'm thinking of leather jeans, leopard peplum top and hidden heel black high tops!! Anyways have a good night too!

Love Hannah

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's been a while I know!!

Right, so i'm not quite used to blogging yet but I promise I will get to the stage of doing it daily. The biggest problem has been the weather here; taking pictures in the rain is a skill I have not yet acquired; hence why my photos today have been taken inside my room :)

This was my look for today:

I wore a velvet red t-shirt from Zara; in the sales, only 9 euros! I also wore vintage Moschino shorts ( i cut myself), New Yorker faux leather jacket, Primark shoes and gold Peterpan necklace and finally a vintage purse for 8 pounds.

Today I went with some friends to two vintage stores here in Southampton, one i can't actually remember the name of and the other one is called Hepburn! I found a gorgeous black hat and this original cross stitch purse. The shop is lovely and has buckets of buttons everywhere which are free! So, even though I don't actually need any new buttons I did help myself to a few :)

Today's outfit is all about the gold necklace! I think it gives a nice warm, shinny touch to the autumn colours of the outfit, but do you know the best thing about this necklace? it was only 1 pound! I have to say this little shinny piece of gold does look more expensive then that and compliments plain outfits very well. I recently wore it with a black lace waterfall dress and black and gold heels to my Freshers ball and it made the outfit!

The sun is out today but that does't mean it cant rain, so the umbrella is out :( I went to Pret A Manger today for the first time and I have to say the silver trays are a really nice touch!

Anyways I have to go and think of three feature pieces for monday! Have a good weekend and ill be back soon I hope!

Love Hannah

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Look 1

This is my look from yesterday! I wasn't actually expecting to be taken pictures of as I actually went with a friend to take pictures of her for her blog! We went to a lovely park full of people and sunshine, it was very peaceful and relaxing, until we got there and ended up throwing leaves around in the air. You will not be able to see those picture though unfortunately as they were so terrible!

The shoes I wore are from diesel, I was lucky as I got them in an outlet shop in Spain; they were the last pair, in my size and only 28 euros! I don't normally go for high tops but I could not help myself!

I wore my Diesel high tops, new TopShop high waisted jeans, a tassled black top from Zara and a burgundy knitted jacket from Primark.

 Today has been nice and warm actually, all I wore was a shirt so the weather amazed me, let's hope it keeps on doing so!

Today I went food shopping in Asda, and wow! You can freeze everything! I was Gobsmacked at the amount of food in the freezer section!

That's all from me today, I hope the sun has shined throughout the country :)

Love Hannah

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just to say hello!

So, I moved about a week ago from glorious, sunny Mallorca in Spain to; miserable, wet Southampton. But actually when the sun is out and the parks look green the world seems a better place. The first few days may have been an emotional disaster, so much so that i had to buy 'Rescue' to calm my nerves, but  my cold little room and new uni friends (and brilliant boyfriend) have helped me see the bright side of moving from 28 degrees of sun to 17 degrees of grey.
This blog will show some of my thoughts, my outfits and my travels, so anyone out there interested in reading about such a change of lifestyle is welcome too :)

Love Hannah

Hace solo una semana me mude del sol caluroso de Mallorca a el frio mojado de Southampton. Pero la verdad es que cuando sale el sol y los parques brillan de verde, el mundo se ve de una manera feliz. Los primeros dias fueron muy emocionales, tanto que tuve que comprarme 'Rescue' para tranquilizar mis nervios, pero gracias a mi habitacion chiquitita y a mis nuevos amigos (y a mi novio) me han ayudado a ver lo bueno en mudarme de 28 grados de sol a 17 grados de lluvia.
En este blog hablare de mis pensamientos del dia, de lo que llevo y de las travesias que me pasen, asique a quien le apetezca leer el cambio de estilo de vida, soys muy bien venidos :)

Disculpas por no poner acentos en ningun lado, mi ordenador es ingles y se ve que es imposible poner los.

Un beso Hannah