Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hello Girlies! I know a blog post is long overdue and I apologise but the reason is that I had to move out of Halls, which meant carrying way to big boxes to my boyfriend's house which seems just down the road when I am only carrying my handbag but felt like he lived in China while carrying a mop, two pillow shoved under my arm (which due to their log hot pink hair kept slidding down) and a huge box of clothes. 

I bet many of you have had to do the same this past month or have in the past so yes I am looking ofr a little bit of sympathy hahaha.

Anyways I have come Home which is the island of Mallorca! I live ten minutes away from Magaluf (or Shagaluf) but have not been this year yet as this whole week I have been searching for a job, which means dressing up smart... Hence my smart outfit I have here to share with you:

 These pictures were taken on my terrace and by fellow blogger Hannah who has come over to live with me for a month. We have both recently found a job as waitresses in different restaurants. Mine is a Spanish restaurant with 200 tables so the work is very full on, especially seen as I have never done this before, I have to use a tray to serve drinks and that; which is not the best idea seen as I am the clumsiest person alive!

In the background my God send of a pool as we have no air conditioning in the house due to that fact that my sister gets ill... so I have to suffer too. In August when even the nights are sweaty the only solution is to jump in the pool, let it be before bed or 5 in the morning when its just too hot to sleep any longer!

I wore a nude peplum cap sleeve top form a small shop in Cheltenham, Zara mint jeans and Zara nude Mid Heels.

I have decided that this summer I am going to try wear heels more often as I am terrible at walking in any kind of them... The main reason is the fact that I am very tall and especially in Spain as the average hight of a man is less then mine... 

So I decided to treat myself to two pairs; this one for day time and casual nights, and her twin sister in black for night time and dressier occasions. I chose these as they are the only heels I have found which are not 10 inches tall! Plus they have a nice chancy heel and good strap around the ankle for support.

I actually had to order this pair online as they had gone so quickly in the shops! I strongly recommend everyone get a pair!

Well I'm off for some mummy time now as my mum claims she will never see me this summer as I go into work as she leaves hers. I hope you all have a lovely day and weekend!

Oh and start tipping in restaurants hahahaha... I know I will now! It means the world!

Love Hannah