Monday, February 24, 2014

London Calling

Hello again! So, last week I went to London with my uni to look at fashion exhibitions and a little peek at London Fashion Week. 
I went to the Fashion and Textiles Museum to see an exhibition on artist fabrics, created by artists like Picasso, Dali and Warhol. 
It was full of vibrant colours and patterns that were sometimes so detailed they made your eyes go funny. All in all, a lovely exhibition which I highly recommend, especially to art and/or textiles lovers. 

That day I wore, my black over-the-knee boots from a second hand shop in Mallorca, black leggings from Primark, a green checked shirt from Tommy Hilfiger, Next fluffy jumper and my black Missselfridge coat.

I hope your weekend was lovely and good luck with this week! 
I know its only Monday and everything feels a lot worse then it is but actually, my trick to deal with it is very simple (and a bit infantile) but it works every time! 
I simply slide on my pair of I hate Mondays knickers from Victoria Secret's Pink collection and I let Monday know just how I feel! Take that Monday!

Anyways, I must go now and do some studying... oh the joys of being a student.

Love Hannah

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