Thursday, February 28, 2013

Caribbean Touch!

Hello Everyone! I have finally posted a new post, thanks to fellow blogger Hannah recuperating from the worst and longest flu I have ever heard of!

Right now I am at the Library "doing some work" as I have an essay to give in in two weeks which I haven't even started... So the plan is to spend the whole day here writing so that I can relax tomorrow and finish it off this weekend. I have come armed with a bottle of water, a coronation chicken sandwich and a big bag of Tangtastic Haribos in the hope that I will survive here till 9 tonight.

I have had my second hole pierced on my ear lobe as my previous ones closed, believe it or not I had to ask my boyfriend permission though! He says I have too many as I currently have 8 but my plan is to add them slowly so that he doesn't notice! Anyways, I just wanted to show the off!

I am wearing, a Zara top, my vintage Levi's shorts (which I have just found out they are not as high-waisted as I once thought they were, some skin coloured tights, socks from Calzedonia and my white Converse.

Oh I almost forgot! On Monday I'm off to Paris!! I can't wait! So the next blog will be from France!
If any of you have been there before please tell me of any places I must go to or anything I must see!

I should go now as I really need to get started on my essay!
I hope you are all having a great day!

Love Hannah

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh the WIND!!

Today was a ridiculously windy day, and still is actually. Taking pictures in the cold with a thin skater skirt was not the easiest task but fellow blogger (dimples diaries) Hannah did a very good job, wouldn't you agree?

It has been a short day at uni today because it seems that one of my lecturers has come down with the flu or something so her two hour seminar was cancelled! Yay!

To celebrate such an event I went with my very sexy (in his new leather jacket I bought him for his birthday) boyfriend for a good old fish, chips and mushy peas, Yum!

These are my new tights from Primark, only £3!

I wore my black Pink Floyd top from H&M, my new grey roses blazer from Primark, on sale for £7, my dusty pink skater skirt from Misselfridge, new tights and my black converse

Seen as in my last post I mentioned I got a new camera... Say Hello to Nick the Nikon. He is very light, quick, skilled, has a great zoom and comes in a lovely glossy mink instead of the typical black (obviously there is the option to buy it in black, or red and blue, for the more adventurous photographers). I would recommend this camera as he is a very good friend to me and I love him very much :)

Anyway, I hope you have had a lovely day and the wind has not lifted any of your skirts or dresses like it did mine ALL day!

Love Hannah