Thursday, January 31, 2013

Farmer Girl

I wore this outfit on Monday and have been meaning to upload these for a few days now, but here they are! I finally did it, as you can see the weather has changed drastically from the last post and it now feels like a year ago since we had snow, all signs of its existence have melted.

On a slightly happier note, I now own a camera! I bought it from Argos for less then half price! I will try and take a picture of it as it was well worth the buy if any of you are seeking a cheaper camera.

I wore a three quarter sleeve, black body from Primark, a pair of denim dungarees from Mango, a green Springfield scarf and my beloved black converse.

I Hope you have all had a lovely week, I have seen as my weekend started today as I'm in only three days a week at uni this term! However, they are all 9am starts which is very challenging...

Love Hannah

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bright White

So yesterday it actually snowed here in Southampton! I woke up and saw a sheet of white spread across the town, i have never been in a place where it has snowed unless I had gone on a skiing holiday. I felt like I was nine again, so much so that i would even let my hungover best friend have a lie in... 

After a slippery trek through the park, and I say trek not because it was hard but because we had to dodge flying snowballs as we made our way through the middle of random snowball fights... we got to a peaceful tree in the snow and took some pictures, I hope you enjoy them!

Me, trying to step on the original footprints so that the snow looked as untouched as possible for the Photos. 

I wore: a cream, with gold sequins head band from H&M, my grey scarf, a large burgundy jumper from  New Look, my beige parka jacket from Calvin Klein, my boyfriend's grey gloves (stole them for the day... Shh!), a cream with red flowers, rah-rah skirt from Zara, black tights with lace snowflakes on from Primark (out of the 50p basket), grey Primark socks and my Timberlands... Oh and my camel leather bag from Accessorize.

I hope all of you have been enjoying the snow as much as I have and don't twist your ankles by wearing heels or not watching where you are going!

Stay safe and take care!

Love Hannah

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Little more Acceptable

Yesterday me and fellow blogger Hannah (from Dimples Diaries) went in search of a new scene to take pictures in seen as we normally end up in a park or against a random wall. Finding the right place is hard at times as it can be too busy, too dark... you get the point. However, when all hope was lost we came across this little square that had a few beams of sunlight shinny on to the old brick walls and lonely tree in the middle. It was photo shoot Paradise!

 In the "Sun"

This was me picking a blue sticker off the tree, I know not as symbolic as picking an apple, but still; beggars can't be choosers! 

I went for a more "sophisticated" look today as I had told one of you I did occasionally dress up. So my outfit consisted of a black shirt with lace on the back from Next, a burgundy skater dress from New Look, a vintage camel leather belt and a pair of black quilted boots from Next again.

It is starting to get very cold down here in Southampton and I now need to buy some gloves!
I hope all of you are keeping warm and hold on to those valuable fingers of yours!

Love Hannah

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hannah Who?

Ok, so it has been a very, very long time since I posted last. This is due to one major reason: I went back home for Christmas and my wifi is practically mediaeval! My mum supposedly got it fixed for me and my sister before we went home but it seems they got payed for doing nothing and because my mum knows nothing about those kind of things, it is the same as it was before...

Anyways, i'm back in Southampton! Even though it was the longest travelling day ever; I left my house in Spain at 17:10 and didn't get home till 02:00, which means I was travelling 10 hours (if you take into account the time difference).

So this is my look from today:

I wore my TopShop jeans, a Pink Floyd top from H&M (in the sales), my new black converse and a brown leather bag from accessories.

I remember I saw this top in a look on Lookbook (an amazing website full of looks posted by people all over the world) and I knew I had to have it somehow.

Today I went for a simple look, very comfortable and thought that the glasses made it look a bit quirky at the same time.

What I found out today? 
The Sausage Rolls in The Greggs are up to 90p!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a have a Brilliant year!

Love Hannah