Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Paris: Day One

Bonjour from Paris!! Today was our first day and we went to the most important and iconic building here... The Eiffel Tower! Surprise!

The sun was out but covered by a layer of clouds, however this did not stop me from getting my legs out!

I wore an ancient khaki coat from Debenhams, a scarf from springfield men, long black socks from H and M, a floral dress from Urban Outfitters ( £9, when originally it was £85), my new River Island baby blue bag and River ISland glasses.

Just got home and stuffed my face with a baguette and some cheese as we walked 15 km today!! I'm shattered but so inlove with this city!

Anyways, I am on my way to chilling out on the sofa with a glass of wine! No just kidding im actually just sitting at a table talking about the day with my friends! Oh and getting my nails painted as I am a disaster!

I hope your day has been as brilliant as mine!

Love Hannah


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    1. Thank you, I strongly suggest you do! It very beautiful xx

  2. i love your outfit <3 so cute !! kiss


  3. hay, new follower this is so pretty ,love floral :)
    follow back, if you like

    1. Hi Andy, thanks! i'll pop over to yours now! thanks for following me :)