Friday, March 8, 2013

Paris: Day Four

Today we over slept, so the day started a little bit later then planned, but oh well! We are on holiday, so we left the house and waited two hours to go and see the Dali exhibition at the Pompidou. I was a little bit out of it cause I had taken a tablet and it had made me really tired so Dali's paintings looked even stranger an surreal then normal. However, I would go see it again and again and... you get the point.

We also tackled the Louvre for the second time, finishing the museum and taking our blog photos inside the greek garden in the centre on the massive building.

I wore, my Vintage black hat, my Calvin Klein jumper, my famous leather jacket, my comfortable Topshop jeans and my white (actually not so white anymore) converse.

Me and fellow blogger Hannah are off to a Jazz club now so I must get ready!

I hope you have all had a brilliant day!

Love Hannah