Thursday, February 28, 2013

Caribbean Touch!

Hello Everyone! I have finally posted a new post, thanks to fellow blogger Hannah recuperating from the worst and longest flu I have ever heard of!

Right now I am at the Library "doing some work" as I have an essay to give in in two weeks which I haven't even started... So the plan is to spend the whole day here writing so that I can relax tomorrow and finish it off this weekend. I have come armed with a bottle of water, a coronation chicken sandwich and a big bag of Tangtastic Haribos in the hope that I will survive here till 9 tonight.

I have had my second hole pierced on my ear lobe as my previous ones closed, believe it or not I had to ask my boyfriend permission though! He says I have too many as I currently have 8 but my plan is to add them slowly so that he doesn't notice! Anyways, I just wanted to show the off!

I am wearing, a Zara top, my vintage Levi's shorts (which I have just found out they are not as high-waisted as I once thought they were, some skin coloured tights, socks from Calzedonia and my white Converse.

Oh I almost forgot! On Monday I'm off to Paris!! I can't wait! So the next blog will be from France!
If any of you have been there before please tell me of any places I must go to or anything I must see!

I should go now as I really need to get started on my essay!
I hope you are all having a great day!

Love Hannah


  1. Loving the new piercing!
    Those knee high socks are adorable.

    Hope you have a wonderful time in France!


    1. Thank you Heather!
      I am in Paris now and it is amazing!! I would recommend anyone a visit!


  2. Hii :D
    Nice post, sooooo cuuuute.
    kiss from

  3. Really nice outfit giiirl :)
    and I LOVE your legs *_*
    I just found you and immediately became member! I would really appreciate it if you'll visit my blog back :)
    Kisses and keep in touch ♡

    1. Hello! oh thanks :) oh yes ill pop over there now! aaww thanks for following!

  4. These socks are so cute! Have fun in Paris xx

  5. hi dear! i just found your blog and i love it! great post! i love your style also! would you like to follow each other? i always follow back ..let me know :)

    1. Hello! Thank you very much! I really appreciate it, I will visit your blog straight away and would love to follow you! xxx