Saturday, March 15, 2014

Suitcase Magazine

Hello Ladies! Today's post is about Suitcase Magazine, a magazine that looks at my two favourite things in the world; fashion and travel. I know it is not a new magazine but I have been trying to find somewhere to buy it from, for some time and found it randomly sitting among the magazines at my Uni. So I grabbed it quick as there was only two left, and indulged myself in some cultured reading.

The most impressive part of the magazine for me is the photography and the imagery used. The colours are so vibrant and the compositions are very dynamic. I love how the type of paper changes throughout the magazine from glossy to rough depending on the amount of photography the article uses.

Overall, an excellent read! I will have to purchase many more, if not all!!

And with that I leave you ladies to enjoy a wonderful, sunny weekend! If you know of any other magazines that are similar, just let me know! Finding new publications is always exciting.

Love Hannah

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