Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Red and blue

Hello Ladies! I know this post is long overdue, I apologise but I recently came back for the cave that I call home in Spain so I was deprived from the internet world even though my mum did promise she would fix it while I was away...

So I died my hair over easter, its semi-permanent so its slowly fading out already, if you think its bright now you should have seen it three weeks ago! I was glowing! 

Anyways, I promise not to abandon you again as I hame home now and back with my photographer and best friend Hannah!

Here are some pictures of what I wore and am currently wearing today:

I am wearing my black converse, tights, Primark navy skirt, my mum's shirt from I don't know where, a Promod jacket and Juicy Couture earrings.

So now you know, I am officially ginger but I don't see it as a bad thing, In fact I love it!

I have to go now girlies as I have a load of Uni work to do :( Really not looking forward to it but it must be done...

Have a Brilliant day everyone!
Please don't feel abandoned as I am back again :P

Love Hannah


  1. beautiful photos! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)

  2. Your hair looks fantastic!! I love your earrings!! I want to get my ears pierced at the top again but I'm scared it will hurt lol!!
    Ps- very cute blog dear :)

    1. Thanks Kat! oh the pain is only bad while it heals! you should get them done! xx

  3. I always wanted to dye my hair red, but my boyfriend says that readhairs=meangirls, so i'll stay blonde :D But You look cute :)

    1. Hahaha true true, I was just fed up of being 'The dumb Blonde' Meangirls works for me for now :)