Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's been a while I know!!

Right, so i'm not quite used to blogging yet but I promise I will get to the stage of doing it daily. The biggest problem has been the weather here; taking pictures in the rain is a skill I have not yet acquired; hence why my photos today have been taken inside my room :)

This was my look for today:

I wore a velvet red t-shirt from Zara; in the sales, only 9 euros! I also wore vintage Moschino shorts ( i cut myself), New Yorker faux leather jacket, Primark shoes and gold Peterpan necklace and finally a vintage purse for 8 pounds.

Today I went with some friends to two vintage stores here in Southampton, one i can't actually remember the name of and the other one is called Hepburn! I found a gorgeous black hat and this original cross stitch purse. The shop is lovely and has buckets of buttons everywhere which are free! So, even though I don't actually need any new buttons I did help myself to a few :)

Today's outfit is all about the gold necklace! I think it gives a nice warm, shinny touch to the autumn colours of the outfit, but do you know the best thing about this necklace? it was only 1 pound! I have to say this little shinny piece of gold does look more expensive then that and compliments plain outfits very well. I recently wore it with a black lace waterfall dress and black and gold heels to my Freshers ball and it made the outfit!

The sun is out today but that does't mean it cant rain, so the umbrella is out :( I went to Pret A Manger today for the first time and I have to say the silver trays are a really nice touch!

Anyways I have to go and think of three feature pieces for monday! Have a good weekend and ill be back soon I hope!

Love Hannah

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